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Mershon Enterprises primarily services other service-oriented businesses. We like working with people who understand and value technology. We work with you to create efficient, cost- and time-saving software solutions to your biggest problems.

Good software is more than business automation and generating reports. With every project we undertake, our goal is to ultimately work ourselves out of a job. We build reliable, anti-fragile software that is designed to be highly fault-tolerant, automatically scalable, and easily maintained.

Process Instruments & Controls

Process Instruments was the first of our customers to utilize our Hydra brand file storage and reporting solution. Daily, Hydra processes dozens to hundreds of incoming well test reports collected from Allen-Bradley Programmable Logic Controllers in an offline environment and transmits data through their Hydra reporting engine into finalized summary reports for all of their customers.

"Thanks for looking after us" - Kenn Morgan, Operations Manager of Process Instruments Inc.

"That was really quick, I appreciate it a lot. Makes my Monday easier!" - Cynthia Weis, Administrative Assistant, Process Instruments Inc.


GenesisCCM a Child Custody Manager for single and separated parents, allowing them to keep better records via any device with Internet access. While the product is chiefly developed by outsourced developers, over the past several years we have provided ad-hoc support for the solution as needed.

Exclusive Technologies

Exclusive Technologies provides IT services to businesses in the Bakersfield area. We built them a new mobile-first website.

Recruit121, AMPCognition, and NetSuite

NetSuite sells a group of software services used to manage a business's operations and customer relations. AMPCognition is one of their integrators. When they had a consultant warn that they weren't going to make their deadline for a big media client in California, they reached out to Recruit121, and they reached out to us. We stepped in and finished the job for them, on their original deadline.

"Thank you for your honesty and integrity" - Ben Welch, Recruiter at Recruit 121


EVPerks is a service offering businesses a platform to reach target customers through incentives offerings for drivers of electric vehicles. EVPerks needed a quick mobile-first web design until they can finish their relaunch this year. We helped them out.

Cenotaph Memorials

Cenotaph Memorials is a platform for hosting virtual memorials for friends, family, pets, and celebrities, and donating to charities in their honor. We developed the entire application platform, database, and server infrastructure for Cenotaph, and are their chief solutions provider.

A3 Concepts and iSafetyPro

A3 Concepts is a solutions provider and consultant for standard operating procedures, safety, and LEAN methodologies. In mid-2016, we transitioned to supporting the development of their product iSafetyPro (an iOS mobile app) full time.

"It has been very refreshing to work with you and your team...I want to let you know that your ability to lead projects and others is a true testament to why you continue to grow. I look forward to our Journey as we work together on this project, along with many other projects to come!!!" - Tony Castiglione, President of A3 Concepts

J Torres Co Inc.

J Torres Co Inc. is a trucking and waste disposal company, chiefly servicing areas of Bakersfield and Golden Hills, CA. In 2016 after their previous web developer moved away from Bakersfield, we designed and now host a new CMS-based version of their website.


OmniCert has a employee certification tracking mobile app in the Apple and Android app stores. As of 2016 we provide support and maintenance for the app.

"Boom! You guys are amazing!" - Vance Elmore, President of OmniCert Inc.

Kern County Society of Human Resource Management

KCSHRM is a local trade organization for Human Resources Managers. We provided them a new website and membership management automation for Wild Apricot, in partnership with Creatively Blind.

"Thanks so much...I have received great feedback from the board and a visitor to the site that is a prominent business owner said it was one of the best improved sites he has ever seen, and he has been a member for 9 years." - Cindy Perkins, 2016 KCSHRM President

Global Family Care Network

Global Family has a group of related websites: My GlobalFamily, The Daughter Project, Direct Good, and Fit for Hope. We designed a new unified payment processing database and automation framework, and host the My Global Family and Fit for Hope websites.

"Thank you for being so on top of things!" - Jennifer Jensen, Executive Director of Global Family Care Network


IDI-Tech is a local IT Services Provider. Together we are building a cloud storage and backup solution for businesses.

Advanced Distribution

Advanced Distribution is a parts reseller and service organization for any business with fleets of vehicles. In 2016 we came onboard with them to support their ERP solution Epicor Prophet21, building automated rules for their accounts and purchase orders.

"Thank God you're here!" - Wendi Thomas, Prophet21 Administrator of Advanced Distribution Co.

BlackHole Tech

BlackHole Tech is a GPS and Fleet Monitoring solutions provider. In late 2016 we worked with them to create an automated billing solution for their GeoTab customers.

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Mershon Enterprises is a business services consulting firm local to Bakersfield, CA. A brief phone survey will be conducted to verify eligibility for services prior to scheduling an assessment. Credit check, business address verification, and customer portfolio may be required. No individuals or sole proprietorships. Not all applicants may qualify.

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