Our Prices

Mershon Enterprises does business the Bakersfield way. While we're happy to offer maintenance and support services for software written by us or your previous developer, we don't believe in indefinitely entangling our business with yours.

New Product Development: $78/hr, billed weekly

New Product timeline

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Support & Maintenance: fit to your budget, billed weekly

Support and maintenance timeline

(sample project timeline)

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Our offerings are best suited to established businesses with at least 5 years of operational history who are building new products or expanding into new verticals.

For product development projects, you own a full, unabridged copy of all source code, object code, technical documentation, user documentation, and supporting code developed for your project which cannot be revoked even if you decide to quit using our services mid-project and work with another agency. Unlike many developers, freelance and agency alike, we do not use a "Software as a Service" pricing model for the products we build, which would require you to pay a monthly fee indefinitely.

All Work Orders and invoices are based on hours worked. Service Agreements expire annually on November 15th, and fixed-bid projects are available upon request annually during the months of November through February.