About Mershon Enterprises

Mershon Enterprises was founded February 2015, but has roots that tie back to summer of 2003. Kevin Mershon, a Bakersfield native, started his career as a software developmer at Krummrich Engineering in the Metro Centre off Truxton Ave. at the age of 18. Over the course of the next ten years, Kevin learned the ins and outs of the petroleum, shipping, finance, and automation industries, trained over a dozen developers as apprentices, and designed and maintained at least as many software systems.

Today, Mershon Enterprises is a "Platform as a Service" company, facilitated chiefly through our flagship application "Patchwork". While we do still provide ongoing support and generalized custom software development to established clients local and afar, we do not offer mobile app development services, and do not cater to new startups at this time.

Meet the Team

Kevin Mershon

Founder, President

Kevin Mershon is a 32-year-old software developer, tech enthusiast, and entrepreneur. He identifies primarily as a back-end developer, and is currently a self-proclaimed fanboy of Clojure. He founded Mershon Enterprises as his third entrepreneurial venture, and employs several other software developers. He was instrumental in helping to found Mesh Cowork, Bakersfield's first collaborative shared working space and KIT: Kern Innovation & Technology community in assistance to KIT Director Alyssa Haas, and is personally driven to see Bakersfield grow into a hub of technology innovation. Most recently, Kevin has been working on founding the "Start with Bakersfield" venture capital firm to bridge the gap between local technical experts and investors seeking to be stimulate the Bakersfield economy.

Cristopher Pascua

Senior Software Developer

Cris Pascua is a senior back-end developer with a current interest in functional programming. He is also a strong promoter of test-driven development. He is always interested in learning new technologies and expanding his programming skills. In his spare time he enjoys working on personal programming projects. When he's not programming he enjoys PC building, PC gaming and table top games.

Cory Kitchens

Software Developer

Cory Kitchens is a software developer dedicated to providing solutions to the customer’s problems. Cory has developed and supported products in various industries such as automotive and assistive technology. With his breadth of programming knowledge and expertise, Cory places the customer’s needs first to find the right solution to the problem at hand.

Nicholas Gardner

Software Developer

Nick is a software developer who doesn't enjoy writing bios of himself. He's the team comedian, and likes to strategically position himself within the office so that wandering cookie vendors will see him before anyone else. He enjoys Radiohead, API development, and long lunch breaks in the conference room.