Our expertise

  • Web Applications
  • Online Payments
  • Automation
  • ERP and CRMs

We make software that works.

Performance. Security. Portable. Stability.

We are a modern company, born from the modern web. The Internet today isn't just hosting information and pictures. Applications are more than Excel and VBA macros. Well-built software today has to go where you go, change when you change, work when you work, and be designed from day one with your needs in mind.

We follow Industry Standards.

Build for today, Build for tomorrow.

Our industry evolves and changes faster than any other. New technologies appear and change almost weekly, and the complexity of software development is always growing. We use tools and frameworks which are modern, yet stable enough to pass muster and find support with major enterprise software players. We employ best practices to make code maintainable, ensuring you keep your options and are never left with a black box product you can't maintain.

We build for the modern internet.

You're always on the go, and we can make it so.

You're probably using your smartphone to visit us now. Your personal apps go with you everywhere that you do. Why shouldn't your business apps, too? Free yourself from the confines of the "work computer" by investing in mobile-first application design. Local industry leaders AERA and Wonderful both publicly speak in support of mobile computing as the future of industry. We agree.

Security-Conscious Design

It's better to be safe than a statistic.

Are you up-to-date with the latest security practices and patches that are available? We are. It's our job to keep up-to-date on the latest security policies set by industry leaders, and you reap the benefits. Anything we build you will be designed with security in mind from the first design documents to the last feature deployment, and we will gladly work with your existing security infrastructure to simplify rollout.

Cloud Solutions, Down to Earth

Cloud scalability, Edge portability

Cloud services can offer scalability and resilience you can't get from running your own servers, but having servers in the cloud shouldn't mean you must always be connected. We build software with Edge-computing in mind, which makes your data available to you on-the-go, while still utilizing the power of the cloud to prevent data loss and downtime. And if your company's needs cannot be met with cloud hosting, then we will happily work with you to create self-hosted solutions as well.

Mershon Enterprises Is

A Bakersfield Software Company

We are local to Bakersfield. Inquire about us at MESH Cowork
2005 Eye St. Suite #4

Who Adapts To Your Needs

It's not enough today to just be great at creating software. Technologies come and go. Our expertise is learning your business and identifying the best solution to fit your needs. We work with you to create real, durable solutions that cut down on waste and save you money.

In Innovative Ways.

Building software is about more than writing code. We help you achieve your target margins and save the bottom line. Software isn't just automation; it is also improvement and simplicity.